And the Color of the Year is.........

The color of the year was just recently announced by Pantone and it is Classic Blue. If you’re anything like me, your first thought might have been BORING but after thinking about it I find that it’s not boring at all but quite exciting. Again, you're thinking Kayla, really what can be so exciting about the color blue. Give me a minute and I will explain.

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What do you think of when you see the color blue or someone asks how it makes you feel? If you were to ask me I would say it makes me think of the sky or the sea, and the color of my children's eyes are a beautiful blue. The feeling I get from blue is happy, calming at times. Blue can also be a strong color, stable. It would be my guess as to why so many countries use blue in their flags. If you have ever watched when a person of power gives a speech during a time of turmoil more times than not you will most often see them in a blue tie trying to convey a sense of peace, trust and calmness.  Where the color red is often used as a power tie, signifying that you are in a position of authority.

Stop and think for a second what do you feel when you see the color blue?

As a designer I can’t wait to use blues in my arrangements or the color combinations that can work with blue. Blues and yellows for a spring and summer wedding. Dark blues, rust and copper for the fall, ice blue, whites and grays in the winter months. Honestly if you let me I could go on about what works with the color blue.


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