To Journal.... Or Not To Journal... That is the Question

As I mentioned in the last blog 2020 is the year where I am striving to THRIVE in all I do. One of the steps I’m taking for my personal life growth and development actually runs parallel to my business life. I am starting the practice of journaling. I read an article about what the most influential people do each day and journaling is one of them.

Now, this wasn’t an easy place for me to get to. Yes, I am super creative but my creativity has always been with flowers or cooking and baking or a craft I can do. A little backstory growing up I was diagnosed with ADD back when it was really hard to get your kids tested (think early 90’s) I was the kid that memorized the words so she could read or on a standardized test I would have amazing bubble pictures. No joke tested myself out of my IEP by drawing Christmas and winter pictures on the test. I digress, back to the journaling… For me to write my thoughts down each day seems really daunting and frankly quite scary. If I put it down and get it out who knows what’s going to happen. When talking with one of my girlfriends about if she does the practice of journaling she gave me the idea of Peaks and Pitts and to add an affirmation.

Here’s how it has worked for me. At the end of the day I will sit down and write 3 things I think were amazing today or maybe even good. For example:
1. I tried a new floral design and loved it. Put it out front and it sold. 
2.My 10 month old took a nap when he usually is Mr. No Nap. 
3. My husband made dinner tonight (hint, hint) 

Now for the things not so great and it may only be 1 or 2 things.
1 My toddler was in a super No phase today 
2. My driver called in sick and I had to make it work 

The goal isn’t to focus on the not so good but to look at your day and see the beauty in it. With so much negativity floating around in the world on the news or in the media it’s important to get with yourself and see the good in what you have accomplished, even if it’s just getting your emails from 15k to 5k (guilty) 

Tonight take 5 and write the good and bad of your day and instead of focusing on that bad look at your good. 

Give yourself permission to thrive. 

Until next time 


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