Groundhog Day…

Yesterday, 02/02/2020 was Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl and also palindrome day. A palindrome is a when a number or word is the same front to back and back to front. The last time that happened for a date was about 900 years ago. The next palindrome event will be in 101 years on 12/12/2121, and I know for a fact I won’t be here for that one. 

Everyday I start my day with coffee and listening to the Before Breakfast Podcast by Laura Vanderkam, if you haven’t given it a listen check it out. Each episode is no more than 10 minutes. Today, her show was called “ Would you live today over again?”. The premise was based on the idea from the movie “Groundhog Day” where a cynical news anchor gets stuck covering the Groundhog celebration in a small Pennsylvania town and he basically lives the same day over and over again until he embraces the fact that it is is the same day and starts living like it's the last day. 

I am guilty of saying that many days are like groundhog day at the shoppe or even at home. I have two small kids (an infant and toddler) so yes, many days we do the same things on repeat. Same wake up schedule, getting ready for work and getting them ready to head to my parents for the day, ect. I’m sure many of you feel the same about your overall days as well.

My question to you is, if today were the day you had to live over and over again what would you do? Would you wake up happier, kiss and snuggle your kids, pets, or spouse more. Eat better, exercise, read a book? Be nicer to people? The possibilities are endless. For me, I would snuggle my littles a little longer, and not get so frustrated when they don’t listen on the first shot. Spend 5 minutes talking without interruption with my husband. Just take a deep breath and enjoy these crazy moments. Life is short we should enjoy it more. 

I hope you can take a minute today and stop and smell the roses and think, if today were the day I had to live on repeat would I be happy?

Until next time.


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